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CPC Controls

CPC is the most convenient, comprehensive, economical, and reliable means of refrigeration control on the market today. With CPC you as the customer have total control: You can maintain or adjust temperatures to the most exacting requirements, automatically log data, identify and analyze problems, shorten or lengthen defrost cycles, monitor compressor pressures, and more.

It's advanced remote communication system saves you on service calls, and it's full system alarm capability reduces any costly spoilage losses. Most importantly, CPC significantly lowers energy consumption, which lowers your costs.

Testone Mechanical's technicians are highly trained on how to install and repair CPC systems. Regardless of what time you call with an alarm or question, we can remotely check your systems functionality and give you the help it needs.

Why Testone Mechanical?

  • Energy Efficient
  • CPC Experts
  • Go Green & Save Money
  • Run Equipment at Peak Efficiency